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Well this is simply a copy out of a third party piece of Social Media published information made aware to me by my cartoonist and dear old buddy Andy Davey regarding the “BAD BOYS OF BREXIT”, some of the colourful and not characters rather involved with the various campaigns for the UK to leave the European Union.

This is reposted here from numerous requests to do so by friends and associates, so the copyright and details contained therein are in no way my property, and is only reproduced for interest purposes.

The extra exhaustive and original poster’s website is here:


Who knows, I may print a list of Remain backers, because I’m sure they’re mostly very nice people and need the publicity!

Chris M, January 2019


Bad Boys behind #Brexit 23: Richard Tice. multi-millionaire property man, money man and de-regulator, vulture capitalist, friend to Brexiter @KateHoeyMP who supported his property deals. Excited by Brexit's business opportunities. HT @MollyMEP


Bad Boys behind #Brexit 22:  Andy Wigmore PR man, Belize citizen (fired from diplomatic post), behind-scenes man for Farage and Banks, involved in Robert Mercer-funded FB http://Leave.EU  ad campaigns HT @MollyMEP


Bad Boys behind #Brexit 21:  Liam Fox. Oh boy! er...Malign fool, enthusiastic de-regulator and privatiser, supporter of US TPP, disgraced Defence Sec, expenses fiddler, incompetent Trade Sec, small-govt tax cutter, Very Annoying Little Man. HT @MollyMEP


Bad Boys behind #Brexit 20: Michael Gove. Where to start? Arch deregulator, employer of madman Dominic Cummings, privatiser (viz. free schools), class nerd, now in charge of Environment! Jeez, how do we get these buffoons? HT @MollyMEP


Bad Boys behind #Brexit 19: Jim Mellon. Money man (property), multimillonaire, connections to Russia, dodgy financial practices. HT @MollyMEP.


Bad Boys behind #Brexit 18: Jacob Rees-Mogg. old Etonian, multi-millionaire financier (moved office to Dublin ahead of Brexit), offshore enthusiast, associate of Steve Bannon, deregulator (env. and safety laws), chair of hard Brexit #ERG, HT @MollyMEP.


Bad Boys behind #Brexit 17 Nigel Lawson. Ah yes, old Nige. extreme right wing Thatcherite, non-dom (France) Lord, climate change denier, deregulator (helped cause the current UK banking excesses), no-deal supporter. HT @MollyMEP.


Bad Boys behind #Brexit 16: George Cottrell. Rich banker, moneybags funder of UKIP, fraudster (convicted), connected to Russia, "intelligence" and money-laundering, expert on offshore money, friend to #Farage and Arron Banks. Er, nice guy. HT @MollyMEP


Bad Boys behind #Brexit 15: Alexander Nix. Old-Etonian banker, techy and ex-CEO of Cambridge Analytica, director of SCL - "behaviour change" agencies behind the FB campaigns that swung Brexit with lies. HT @MollyMEP


Bad Boys behind #Brexit 14; Matt Ridley. Discredited ex-head of bailed-out Northern Rock (part cause of the 2008 crash). Climate change denier, owner of coal mines, fracking supporter. Arch deregulator. Tory Peer (erm, why?) HT @MollyMEP


Bad Boys behind #Brexit 13: Owen Paterson. Enthusiastic deregulator, global warmig sceptic, ex Tory minister (for environment!!). Wants us to crash out of EU with no deal. Suggested to cabinet to replace EU fruit pickers with pensioners. HT @MollyMEP

Bad Boys behind #Brexit 12: Peter Hargreaves. Another deregulating, public-service cutting finance billionaire Brexiter and Leave-funder. Admitted that the Leave campaing told "porky pies" - but who cares eh? It's thewillofthepeople innit.


Bad Boys behind #Brexit 10: Crispin Odey. Billionaire, Rees-Mogg hedge fund mentor, veteran complainer about EU regulation of hedge funds, warned his financial clients to prepare for post-Brexit recession. https://badboysofbrexit.com/the-complete-list-of-bad-boys/ … HT @MollyMEP


Bad Boys behind #Brexit 11: Michael Ashcroft. Long time big Tory donor. Billionaire non-dom. King of Offshore. His Belize Bank has been linked to alleged money-laundering and trafficking. Keen deregulator.


Bad Boys behind #Brexit 9: Dominic Cummings. The mad one people might know from the new Channel 4 TV drama. Cameron called him a "career psychopath" but then he's not all bad - he said David Davis was as "thick as mince". HT @MollyMEP


Bad Boys behind #Brexit 8: Matthew Elliot - chief of VoteLeave, tax cutter, de-regulator, founder of TaxPayers' Alliance, snr fellow of Legatum Institute which promotes "disaster capitalism", member of Conservative Friends of Russia. HT @MollyMEP


Bad Boys behind #Brexit 24; Steve Bannon - described as white supremacist, ex-Breitbart News chief, #Trump aide, former VP Cambridge Analytica, #Farage's mentor, #Putin supporter. HT @MollyMEP


Bad Boys behind #Brexit 7: Boris Johnson - deceitful "buffoon", conflicted soul (leave? or remain? ooh, Russian meddling? er...), maker-up of myths about the EU as journo, liar ("£350m a week" etc.), arch narcissist and careerist. Friend only of Boris.

Bad Boys behind #Brexit 6: Robert Mercer - hedge fund billionaire, friend to Trump and Farage, backer of Cambridge Analytica and Breitbart News, holds unpleasant views, natch (see text); thinks ordinary people are worthless.


Bad Boys behind #Brexit 5: Nigel Farage; populist charmer, friend of the extreme right, arch-deregulator, admirer of #Putin, takes salary and expenses from EU but rarely turns up. Friend of Trump, Banks, Bannon and Robert Mercer. HT @MollyMEP

Bad Boys behind #Brexit 4: Arron Banks; what needs to be said? biggest donor to #Leave campaign (£9m) - source of cash possibly illegal (now under Electoral Commission investigation); business links to Russia, user of offshore tax regimes; HT @MollyMEP


Bad Boys behind #Brexit 3: Jeremy Hosking; multi-millionaire asset manager, funded pro-Brexit parliamentary candidates, £100k Tory donor HT @MollyMEP


Bad Boys behind #Brexit 2: Field Marshal Lord Guthrie; ex-head of British Army, now advisor to private Intelligence firms like Arcanum, business links with Putin's Russia HT @MollyMEP


And finally…….Bad Boys behind #Brexit 1; Raheem Kassan; right wing extremist, managing editor of Breitbart News, branded by UKIP as a "wrong un", associate of Tommy Robinson, friend of Infowars. HT @mollyMEP


That’s that folks!