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These last three years have been rather busy for your Webmaster, so I'm here somewhere enjoying some sunshine...



My cabaret partner & I are back treading those boards and recording, and great fun it is too.


SS-La Voix-christof.jpg


Here's singing and cabaret performing star Chris Dennis (aka La Voix) recording at rpl studios, London.

London Gay Big Band

We feature for the last time the London Gay Big Band  for whom I have produced a CD recorded at London's Abbey Road Studios "BRAVE", a forthcoming 2019 album release entitled "Freedom", an EP featuring two singles with special guest La Voix, and some other tracks, plus a Xmas single (also with La Voix) all still available from the Band (click here) directly or from iTunes and other good online stores.

Formed in 2011, the Band have gone from strength to strength, playing the hugest venues around the world, reaching the semi-finals on Britain's Got Talent, and in 2017 storming Berlin Pride with special guest Conchita Wurst. They have continued to perform live in the UK in 2018.

Young up-and-coming star from Madrid

Biao is the name of the artist I've completed an album with. He's a Counter Tenor, Pop Diva and hugely original singer/songwriter. We're doing videos for some of the tracks now, but the album's called HAMARTIA. Watch this space.

Live Performances

Recently twas great fun to do a couple of gigs at the Cardiff Millennium Centre with Cabaret and Jazz Star La Voix, for whom I produced an album called "Diva Breakdown", available to purchase here, and a Christmas Single in 2017  "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas".

Currently performing live with Biddie in Cabaret shows in London.

More stuff

There's a whole load of new material in three projects on the way in 2018/9. Sneaky peeks coming soon.


That's Finn.

He's the one on the right.



 For some unbelievably stupid reason, politicians have decided that the atmosphere regarding Brexit, or Leadership issues etc, is “Febrile”. Then it’s repeated endlessly on TV and Radio Politics programmes, interviews, and endless “highlights”.

It kinda means “feverish”, or at a pinch, “nervous, excited” apparently. It’s rather scientific sounding I think.

Meanwhile, my buddy, lyricist and travel psychologist's dog, Finn is now over a year older, but still jolly cute, though lives in Yorkshire these days..